It's 50 years since the first ever boob job, and last year 10,000 women in the UK had breast surgery. But should we avoid going under the knife just for the sake of our cup size, or do boob jobs make us feel uplifted?

Why exactly do so many women want to boost their boobs? Is it simply to make them feel more curvy and womanly? Or is there too much pressure to conform to a certain, idealised body image? And with all the recent negative publicity surrounding PIP breast implants, are the risks of boob jobs just too great?


Kaye Adams asks whether there is enough understanding and treatment for migraine sufferers in Scotland.


NHS Lothian have been caught wrongly listing patients as "unavailable" in order to get around statutory waiting times.

Following the news, Audit Scotland have launched a probe into waiting times across the whole of Scotland.

The new NHS Scotland "whole journey" waiting time guarantee of 18 weeks officially came into force on the 31st December last year.

This refers to the period of time between your GP referring you, and you actually receiving treatment (not just seeing a consultant).

Today is 18 weeks since the 31st December - so if you've been waiting since last year, we want to hear from you.

Call 0500 92 95 00, email callkaye@bbc.co.uk.


Kaye Adams gets to the heart of the news and offers the listeners the opportunity to have their say.