Cameron Mackintosh From A To Z



He's been called a master of reinvention and the man who transformed the risky musical theatre business into a billion-pound cash machine. He began producing small-scale tours of plays and tried-and-trusted musicals; he then moved on to bigger, new shows, and by the 1990s, he was described by The New York Times as "the most successful, influential and powerful theatrical producer in the world".

He calls himself, "lucky", lucky to have had more success than he could have dreamed about, and to have made more money than he could have imagined.

He is Cameron Mackintosh and, as part of his 70th birthday celebrations, Graham Norton talks to the impresario about his life and work.

Featuring music from Les Miserables, Half-a-Sixpence, Cats, Anything Goes, Abbacadabra, Martin Guerre, Mary Poppins and many more.

Presented by Graham Norton. Written and produced by Malcolm Prince.