Camille Saint-saens


01The Greatest Organist In The World20110711Saint-Saens was appointed organist at the Madeleine church in Paris at the age of just 22.

Saint-Saëns' appointment as organist at the Madeleine church in Paris in 1857 at the age of 22 was a prestigious one even for a former child prodigy.

Donald Macleod explores how the composer's view from the organ loft shaped his outlook and career.

02The Women In His Life20110712"Donald Macleod on Saint-Saens's relationships with and attitudes towards women.

Donald Macleod looks at Saint-Saëns' relationships with and attitudes towards women, including his adored mother and great-aunt, the twin pillars of support during his childhood; his lasting friendships, and shortlived marriage."

03The Patriot20110713"Donald Macleod explores Saint-Saëns' progression from maverick - fighting for unfashionable composers and causes - to establishment figure, and looks at one of his most important legacies: the founding of the National Society to promote the new music of French composers.

Donald Macleod on Saint-Saens's progression from maverick to establishment figure."

04The Expatriate2011080320110714"After a visit to Algiers, Saint-Saens increasingly sought to escape the 'horrible North'.

After his first visit to Algiers in 1873 Saint-Saëns sought increasingly to escape the 'horrible North', partly for health reasons, and partly to find himself.

Donald Macleod looks at how the composer incorporated the sound of the exotic into his works."

05 LASTThe Conservative2011081020110715"Donald Macleod explores Saint-Saëns's late works and concerns.

In his later years Saint-Saëns resisted the revolutionary changes happening in early 20th century music, and became increasingly isolated.

Donald Macleod looks at the composer's late works and concerns."