Can You Tell Me The Name Of The Prime Minister?



Can You Tell me the name of the Prime Minister ?

By Martin Jameson

A week after the election, psychiatrist Liz De Souza is called to examine a patient at a secure government research facility.

Disorientated and confused, he is convinced that Tony Blair is still Prime Minister.

A Science Fiction mystery.

Liz De Souza....Amita Dhiri

Sarah De Souza....Suzanna Hamilton

Mal....Jude Akuwudike

Greer....Tony Bell

Thorpe....David Seddon

Debbie Campbell....Christine Kavanagh

Director Jeremy Mortimer

Just as the drama of the general election is beginning to subside, psychiatrist Liz De Souza is mystified when she is summoned to a secret government facility to assess a man, recently found disorientated and confused, convinced that Tony Blair is still Prime Minister.

Surely Mal is suffering a simple, but treatable, delusional episode.

isn't he? Liz struggles to make sense of things, especially when she is introduced to the patient in the next room, someone whose appearance is a genuine shock, and someone whose own delusions are far from benign.

Scripted and recorded in the weeks and days shortly prior to transmission, 'Can You Tell Who Is The Prime Minister?' uses a contemporary Science Fiction mystery to explore the zeitgeist of our post-election democracy.

Psychiatrist Liz is called to a secret facility to interview a patient.