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These Uigers all have stories of family members who have been detained and gone through what China calls its “re-education.”
Adalet Rahim has been living with the knowledge that her mother-in-law was tortured before she died in a detention camp in China’s far-western Xinjiang region back in 2018. She still hasn’t broken the news to her husband.

Her mother-in-law was one of the over 1.8 million Muslim Uigurs who have been a victim of China’s systematic repression of religious and ethnic minorities.

“I can’t tell my husband about his mother, it is too hard for him,” Rahim says from her home in Cambridge, Ontario, where she resides with him and their four children. “It is like living in a nightmare.

In this programme reporter Idil Mussa meets Canadian Uigers to hear their stories. She learns that’s the Chinese state has tried to stop all contact with their families back in China, how the Canadian Uiger community suffers from a collective guilt knowing they have families members suffering and how Toronto has become a hive of activism to raise awareness of the Uigers conditions.

Canadian Uigers tell Idil Mussa about those who have been through Chinese re-education.