Candles And Loaves

Three programmes on the themes of love, peace and reconciliation, with writer and actor Robert Rietti.


0102Accept My Health And Other Wondrous Tales2003062920030705

In this second of three programmes in the series, Robert Rietti meditates on the Jewish Festivals.

In it, Robert describes some remarkable events that have coincided with these Festivals and he recalls the rituals and memories that have for centuries sustained Mankind.

Robert tells of the blowing of the Shofar - the ram's horn which is blown in synagogues throughout the World at the end of the service on Yom Kippur, the day of atonement.

That eerie blast reverberates through the dark reaches of the universe.

It is an alarm, as it was for the tribes of Israel in the desert when the enemy approached, and for the armies of David and Solomon, an alarm awakening the soul to judgement.

0103 LASTShalom - My Peace2003070620030712

In the last of three talks in the Candles And Loaves series, Robert Rietti tells how, in Israel today, despite the turmoil, the stone-throwing and the suicide bombings, there are still many on every side who long and work for peace.

Robert asks that the voices of the children should above all be heard, for perhaps they suffer the most from the terrible instability.

He describes how Jewish and Arab youngsters living in Israel, were asked to write poems on the theme of peace.

For all these young people, a passionate desire for peace outweighed any religious or other divisions, exemplified by the following poem by nine year old Tamar Sharon, who offers a promise to her friend, Muhammed: When Peace will come to be, Down the pathways we will run, Among the grass in the orchard, Muhammed and me.

When Peace will come, I'll give my hand to Muhammed, To the Jordan we will go, Together sing and hum.

When Peace will be on every side, Arm in arm shall we go, The two of us hiking all over - And to Jerusalem, we'll take a ride.

When Peace will come and fighting ends, We shall walk then, Holding hands, As far as Golead - Two happy friends.