Care Home Dilemma, The [Radio Scotland]


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June Andrews explores the difficult decisions people face when choosing a care home.

There are lots of reasons why choosing a care home can be fraught with emotion. Often people find themselves looking for one when there's a crisis and a parent is no longer safe and urgently needs round the clock care. If a parent is reluctant to move into a care home, this can place a huge responsibility on their children who feel guilty at having to make a decision on their behalf. Then there's navigating the system with health and social care and going through financial assessments.

Prof June Andrews is on hand to provide practical advice on how to find a suitable care home and all the things you need to take into account.

We also hear from Eleanor, Michael and Stuart who describe their personal experience of finding a care home for a parent and what they would have done differently if they had been more prepared, whilst Karen is just starting to think about a care home for her mum. It's an agonising decision for all of them.

Professor June Andrews is an expert in dementia and elderly care who previously spent many years as a nurse. She speaks and writes regularly on the subject.