Caretaker, The [Drama]


2010112720120428David Warner and Daniel Mays star in Harold Pinter's dark comedy. The late author was considered before his death to be one of a handful of living British dramatists. And this play is considered by many critics to be his finest.The style and comedy employed are reminiscent of post-war European drama, especially the plays of Samuel Beckett. That said, this is a powerful and original play.

Aston (Tony Bell) rescues Davies (David Warner) an elderly, homeless man from a fight in a café and brings him home to recover.

The tramp tells of the hiding he would have had from one of the café staff if Aston hadn't intervened. Aston also had trouble in the same café some time ago. The men bond.

The old man's past is murky. He lives under an assumed name and seems unsure of his real identity. He talks of going to Sidcup to get his papers, to confirm the matter.

Aston offers Davies the job of caretaker of the dingy West London house, owned by Aston's brother Mick.

Davies is reluctant to accept the job, and the responsibility involved. Even when Mick arrives and repeats the offer. Perhaps Davies realises it is not just the building he might have to care-take. This is confirmed at the plays darkly comedic climax, puts the situation the characters into perspective.

A tramp rescued from a fight is offered a job as caretaker, in Harold Pinter's play.



Davies... David Warner

Aston... Tony Bell

Mick... Daniel Mays

David Warner and Daniel Mays star in Harold Pinter's dark comedy. Two brothers shelter an elderly, homeless man after a fight in a caf退. But his problems are far from over.

Directed by Peter Kavanagh.