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Carol and Therese's relationship seems to be over. But will love find a way?

A tender and unsettling love story about two women - one of them married, and the other nineteen - who risk everything to be together.

Written by Patricia Highsmith, who is best-known as one of the twentieth century's most accomplished thriller-writers - a role she assumed overnight when Alfred Hitchcock turned her sublimely disturbing first novel, Strangers On A Train, into a hit movie in 1951.

Written a year later, Carol broke all the rules for the portrayal of lesbians in American fiction. Despite warnings from her publisher and her agent that a lesbian novel would ruin her new-found reputation, the book became a major best-seller, with over a million sales when it was released in paperback - and Highsmith went on to write thirty more books before her death in 1995.

Carol is a genuinely groundbreaking classic - and a truly modern love story.

Episode 5:

In an attempt to retain custody of her daughter, Carol has abandoned her 19 year-old lover, Therese, after her husband obtained evidence of their affair. Therese has returned to New York to try and pick up her career as a theatre designer - and to forget the woman who has torn her life apart.

Written by Patricia Highsmith

Adapted and directed by Neil Bartlett

Producer David Blount

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.