Carolyn Quinn Speaks To Gillian Duffy


2013091720160225 (R4)

As a Radio 4 presenter, covering a range of stories everyday, Carolyn Quinn interviews people while the story is live but rarely gets the chance to find out what happened next.

For these editions of One to One, Carolyn wanted to find out what happens to individuals who've found themselves in the media spotlight and have had to live with intense, unsolicited scrutiny. How do they cope once the media caravan has moved on and they have to try to get on with their lives?

In this, her second interview, Carolyn hears from the woman who hit the headlines during the general election campaign of 2010 when Gordon Brown infamously called her a "bigoted woman". That remark, and the subsequent apology from the then Prime Minister, made Gillian Duffy a household name. Three years on, Carolyn Quinn talks to Gillian Duffy to find out how she dealt with persistent doorstepping newshounds, how she regards the experience now and whether her relationship with the Labour party survived the experience.

Producer: Karen Gregor.