Cartoons, Lampoons And Buffoons

A five-part exploration of political satire.

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0101Journals And Papers1998040819980829A five-part exploration of political satire.Why are broadsheets reporting less about straightforward political business and more about the comedy? Presented by Simon Hoggart
0102Theatre And Revue1998041519980905Michael Bywater leads a mad dash across the boards of satirical history.
0103Broadcasting - The Home Of Contemporary Satire?1998042219980912Harry Thompson remembers the good and bad satirical programmes on TV and radio, and asks: Where are the right-wing satirists now?
0104Cartoons1998042919980919The earliest form of popular pictorial satire began life in printshop windows in the 1720s and has run and run, keeping pace with the boundaries of taste for centuries.|Frank Whitford explores the mighty pen.
0105 LASTBooks1998050619980926Perhaps it is in books that satirical intent has lasted longest in the imagination - `Gulliver's Travels', `Decline and Fall', `1984' and `Animal Farm' are all timeless commentaries on greed and power.