Castle Of The Hawk



By Mike Walker

The epic saga of the Habsburg Dynasty continues.

It's 1618. Wallenstein is a brilliant soldier and wants a career in the army of the Holy Roman Empire. But he is a Protestant, and he just can't hold his tongue. Katherina, a widow, takes him under her wing, and with her guidance he achieves great fame and fortune. But a war wolf is hard to control. Can Katherina rein him in?


Katherina - Anamaria Marinca
Wallenstein - Richard Harrington
Ferdinand - Patrick Baladi
Tilly - Simon Armstrong
Gordon - John Dougal
Gustavus - David Menkin
Bishop - Marc Danbury
The Officer - Rhys Meredith

Directed by John Norton
A BBC Cymru Wales Production

Mike Walker's epic saga of the Habsburg dynasty continues. 1618. War is a business now.

Mike Walker's epic chronicle of the Habsburg dynasty.