Celluloid Jukebox

Mark Kermode presents a six-part series showcasing some of the best film music - and backstage stories - ever heard.


0101Teenage Kicks19990714

This first programme looks at the birth of the teen movie - when `Rock around the Clock' in `Blackboard Jungle' officially recognised a new generation of film fans.

0102Way Out West19990721

This programme charts the music of the Western.

0103Cheek To Cheek19990728

This programme looks at the world of screen romance.

0104Sex And Drugs And Rock19990804

4: `Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll'.

This programme charts the love affair between musicians and the silver screen.

0105The Twilight Zone19990811

This edition explores the best in science fiction film music.

0106 LASTThe Public Enemy19990818

In this edition music from crime movies through the ages.

0201A World At War20000705

Today's programme looks at war films, from `The Dam Busters' to `Good Morning Vietnam'.

0202Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life20000712

Today's programme looks at comedy, from Henry Mancini's `The Pink Panther' to Mel Brooks's outrageous `Springtime for Hitler' sequence.

0203A Life In Pictures20000719

How cinema has celebrated the lives of the rich, famous and the infamous - as with `Scarface', when a curious Al Capone is rumoured to have sent his henchmen to check out the film's progress on set.

0204Licensed To Thrill20000726
0205Cartoon Capers20000802
0206 LASTScream20000809

In this programme, some of the best horror movie music, from the chilling use of `Tubular Bells' in `The Exorcist' to Lon Chaney Junior's crazed song from the B-movie classic `Spider Baby'.