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Sarah Dunant reveals the personal and political interests involved in the art of decision making when she invites four guests to show their skill in a hypothetical scenario.

How will the interested parties react when a potentially deadly new strain of flu hits Britain?

Producer Ariane Koek

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Unknown: Sarah Dunant

Producer: Ariane Koek

Genome: [r4 Bd=19961007]

What if all of us could live longer?

Who would look after us? And would we be better off? Decision-makers from politics, religion and healthcare debate the question as Sarah Dunant presents them with the last hypothetical scenario in the series. Producer Ariane Koek


Sarah Dunant invites four guests to demonstrate their decision-making skills in a hypothetical scenario.

2: It's May 1997... a normal day at Lime Marsh prison - until a disturbance starts. How would the interested parties react? Producer Ariane Koek


Sarah Dunant presents five discussion programmes exploring the art of decision-making and the dilemmas it involves.

3: The future of Hong Kong is under the spotlight as a hypothetical scenario unfolds ahead of the handover to China. Producer Ariane Koek