By Vicky Meer.

The continuing adventures of witness protection couple Mo and Donna Marie.

Mo is back from the dead, trying to stay out of trouble and build a life with Donna Marie, the woman he fell in love with in his previous witness protection incarnation.

But the police require his testimony in another high profile case and the couple are embedded in the bustle of life in East London and the local mosque.

Mo has never found it easy to keep a low profile, and when he takes on the gangster Simeon Gideon he puts himself and Donna Marie in grave danger.

Mo....Navin Chowdhry

Donna Marie....Hilary MacLean

Charles Baldico....James Quinn

Ms Assumpta Young/Frieda....Kate Layden

Tariq /Simeon Gideon....Seamus O'Neill

Aftab....Archie Lal

Sgt Adabie....Declan Wilson

Directed by Stefan Escreet.

DI Baldico once again needs Mo to be a witness in a high-profile trial.