Chanel's Scottish Love Affair


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Cathy Macdonald discovers Coco Chanel's Scottish love affair on an exclusive tour of Rosehall, a remote highland estate in the North West of Scotland. The French fashion designer came here in the 1920s with her lover, Hugh 'Bendor' Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster where they spent happy times fishing on the river for salmon. When the Duke bought the romantic retreat in 1926, she redecorated in her own style and its the only property outside of France and Switzerland to contain a genuine Chanel designed interior and reputedly, Scotland first bidet. Architect Iain Cram reveals her presence in the simple Art Deco style fireplaces throughout and in the main bedroom upstairs where her hand-blocked French wallpaper is now peeling from the walls.

Justine Picardie, editor in chief of Harpers Bazaar and author of Coco Chanel; the Legend and the Life, explains how Scotland was also an inspiration for the most iconic of Coco's creations, the elegant suit in tweed. While staying on the duke's estates, Chanel, borrowed the Duke's tweeds and photographs show her in dressed in his tweed jacket, long cashmere cardigan, trousers and sturdy boots.

Cathy Macdonald discovers Coco Chanel's Scottish love affair.