Genome: [r4 Bd=19960516]

By David Lan. A convoy is taking

African children back to their families and Richard has hitched a ride - as photographer. Months later and thousands of miles away, his pictures shatter the peace of a summer afternoon. with Cyril Nri , Claire Benedict ,

Otis Munyang 'iri, Jade Buckland , Danielle Fraser Boam, Ndumiso Mvula , Yvonne Scicluna and Desmond Taylor. Music by Felix Cross Director Jeremy Mortimer Rpt

Genome: [r4 Bd=19960516]

Unknown: David Lan.

Unknown: Cyril Nri

Unknown: Claire Benedict

Unknown: Otis Munyang

Unknown: Jade Buckland

Unknown: Danielle Fraser

Unknown: Ndumiso Mvula

Unknown: Yvonne Scicluna

Unknown: Desmond Taylor.

Music By: Felix Cross

Director: Jeremy Mortimer

Richard Golding: David Antrobus

Frank Golding: David Calder

Penny Golding: Rowena Cooper

Josiah: Louis Mahoney

Father Nathaniel: T-Bone Wilson

Maxton Munangawa: Colin McFar Lane

Iris Moyo: Joan-Anne Maynard

Lucas: Ewen Cummins