Checklist For An Armed Robber


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by Vanessa Bates

Vanessa Bates has had a number of plays produced by ABC Radio Drama: Mincemeat, A Little Bit Each Night and To Fly in the Night Air each of which has been previously broadcast in Airplay.

Checklist For An Armed Robber was written in response to two news events; one local, one international, that occurred on the same day in October 2002.

A young man walks in to a Newcastle bookstore at closing time armed with a sawn-off shotgun, while a group of Chechen guerrillas seizes a Moscow Theatre and holds the audience hostage.

Common to both events is the attempt by an older woman to negotiate with an armed and potentially violent young man.

Checklist For An Armed Robber was developed with the assistance of Sydney Theatre Company as part of the Blueprints initiative.

It was the ABC's entry into the 2004 Prix Italia and in 2005 won an Australian Writers Guild award for Vanessa Bates.

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Cast: Lucy Bell, Jodie Dry, Andrea Moor, Tony Poli, Mark Owen-Taylor, Kim Lewis, Patrick Dickson, Niki Owen, Arky Michael, John O-Hare, Damon Herriman, Jacqueline Linke,

Sound Engineers: Roi Huberman and Simon Rose

Producer: Christopher Williams.