The Chicago Conspiracy Trial


Genome: [r4 Bd=19941217]This drama-documentary won the New York International Radio Festival Gold

Medal for Best Drama Special. In August 1968, the streets of Chicago erupted into violent confrontation between police and demonstrators. There followed one of the most compelling and bizarre trials in American legal history.

Peter Goodchild 's dramatisation from the trial transcripts features the voices of Thomas Foran ,

William Kunstler (lawyers); David Dellinger , Tom Hayden , Bobby Seale

(defendants); Jean Fritz (juror) and Margie Fritz-Birch ; John Schultz

(historian) ; Studs Terkel (journalist) and Allen Ginsberg (witness).

The spectators are played by Brian McChristian , Chet Grissom , Michael Quaintance , Jonathan F McClain , Dayna Worland , Carl Coash and Tangy Harper. Narrated by Bob Sherman

American producer Susan Albert Loewenberg

Directed by Martin Jenkins and John Theocharis Recorded in the studios ofWFMT- FM Chicago Rpt

Genome: [r4 Bd=19941217] Unknown: Peter Goodchild

Unknown: Thomas Foran

Unknown: William Kunstler

Unknown: David Dellinger

Unknown: Tom Hayden

Unknown: Bobby Seale

Unknown: Jean Fritz

Unknown: Margie Fritz-Birch

Unknown: John Schultz

Unknown: Allen Ginsberg

Played By: Brian McChristian

Played By: Chet Grissom

Played By: Michael Quaintance

Played By: Jonathan F McClain

Played By: Dayna Worland

Played By: Carl Coash

Played By: Tangy Harper.

Unknown: Bob Sherman

Producer: Susan Albert Loewenberg

Directed By: Martin Jenkins

Directed By: John Theocharis

Judge Hoffman: George Murdoch

Thomas Foran: Gary Huston

Richard Schultz: Tom Amandes

William Kunstler: Mike Nussbaum

Leonard Weinglass: Jeff Still

Bobby Seale: E Milton Wheeler

Tom Hayden: Kevin Gudahl

David Dellinger: Tony Mockus

Abbie Hoffman: David Schwimmer

Allen Ginsberg: Richard Fire

Pierson/Frapolly: Andrew White

Mayor Daley/Marshall: George Czarnecki

Deputy Mayor Stahl: Ron West

Kristi King/Linda Morse: Christine Dunford

Mrs Peterson/Clerk: Peggy Roeder

SNT1994a12a17By: Peter Goodchild

Starring: George Murdoch/E.Milton Wheeler/Kevin Gudahl.

TPTT20050118adapted from the original trial transcripts by Peter Goodchild, and starring George Murdock, Mike Nussbaum, and David Schwimmer.

Reality is stranger than fiction when eight 1960's radicals refuse to behave in Judge Julius Hoffman's courtroom.

Based on actual trial transcripts, this play centers on events following the protests and riots during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.