Children In Need - D For Dexter [6 (omnibus)]


2019111620191117 (BBC7)Skye and Dexter return in this heart-breaking, heart-warming story by Amanda Whittington, which won the 2016 Audio Drama Award for Best Serial and a Special Commendation in Best Actress category for Sydney Wade as Skye in 2019.

In 2019, Skye is sixteen and Dexter seven. They live in Gainsborough's south-west ward in Lincolnshire, at the neglected sharp-end of some very alarming and surprising statistics regarding deprivation in England's rural/urban margins.

Skye narrates, inviting us into her ordinary, extraordinary life: a dysfunctional world. We may not always share her beliefs or like what she does but we care. She has always had to look after Dex because their alcoholic Mum, Jak, can't.

But now Skye's looking outward too, attempting to pull away from the family, to explore more adult issues, including her own sexual orientation. To build her own life.

But Dexter too has his obsessions and challenges, caused in part by foetal alcohol syndrome. If Skye breaks away, what will happen to him? Ill-health and addiction have made Jak an unreliable, if not deliberately uncaring parent. Maybe the long-term effects of her lifestyle are catching up on Jak.

This is authentic, truthful drama inspired by long-term, grassroots knowledge of a specific place and the people who live there. It's dark, delightful, funny, upsetting. We witness how small victories loom large. It gives a voice to children who are seldom heard, through believable and moving performances, and explores the long-term impact of neglect.

Skye and Dexter's story is developed through close collaboration with BBC Children in Need, who help us with their research resources and expertise. It is also inspired by ongoing voluntary work in Gainsborough. On the recommendation of CinN, we have begun a longer-term partnership with SAYiT, a Sheffield-based charity they fund that provides practical support around LGBT+ life, sexual health, HIV and mental wellbeing.

Children in Need: D for Dexter (series 6)
By Amanda Whittington
Producer Mary Ward-Lowery
November 2019

Starring Sydney Wade, Una McNulty, Alfie McCann-Johnson, Scarlett Courtney, Adam Courting and Will Kirk.

Dexter still needs his sister so she can't let him go, even when she's in love.

Omnibus editions of Amanda Whittington's heartwarming tales, starring Sydney Wade.