Children's BBC Radio 4 - The Angel Of Nitshill Road


Genome: [r4 Bd=19960630]

A sparkling new adaptation of Anne Fine 's popular story. Bullying is a fact of life at Nitshill Road School. The pupils are miserable until the day that the mysterious Celeste arrives. with Vicky Connett , Christopher Duffy ,

Colin Meredith , Diane Whitley , Ravin J Ganatra and Ray Bumside. Dramatised by Janys Chambers Director Martin Jameson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19960630]

Unknown: Anne Fine

Unknown: Vicky Connett

Unknown: Christopher Duffy

Unknown: Colin Meredith

Unknown: Diane Whitley

Unknown: Ravin J Ganatra

Unknown: Ray Bumside.

Dramatised By: Janys Chambers

Director: Martin Jameson

Celeste: Michelle Fairclough

Penny: Kate O'Regan

Lisa: Samia Ghadie

Barry Hunter: Stephen Hall

Wayne: Anthony Greenidge