Children's Radio 4 - A Child's Christmas In Wales


Genome: [r4 Bd=19941225]

by Dylan Thomas. Wil and Jim look back to their boyhood escapades in a time when "the snow was shaken from whitewash buckets in the sky and grew overnight on the roofs of houses".

Dramatised by Herbert Williams

Music by Andy Price. Producer Foz Allan

Genome: [r4 Bd=19941225]

Unknown: Dylan Thomas.

Dramatised By: Herbert Williams

Music By: Andy Price.

Producer: Foz Allan

Old Wil: Philip Madoc

Old Jim: Freddie Jones

Young Wil: Alun Horan

Young Jim: Owen Pillai

Mother/Female cousin/Miss Prothero: Lyn Hunter

Mrs Prothero/Auntie Bessie: Victoria Plucknett

Mr Prothero/Uncle George: Chris Griffiths

Uncle Ben/Fireman 1: Dillwyn Owen

Auntie Hannah: Helen Griffin

Fireman 2/Hearty voice/Angry old man: Philip Rowlands

Fireman 3/Postman/Small dry voice: Richard Elfyn

Dan: Owen Bodycombe

Jack: Chris Bodycombe