20140917On September 18th 2014 we have a decision to make. Yes or No. In this documentary we'll set out to discover how the human mind makes decisions and, more importantly, how can we make those decisions better.

Of the myriad choices we face each day, what makes one option preferable over another? Are we just emotional beings swayed by the winds of irrationality even as we attempt to make the most logical and rational of choices?

Edi asks how our choices are affected by subliminal influences and looks at the methods employed to shape our decisions.

Since Plato, philosophers have described the decision-making process as either rational or emotional: we carefully deliberate, or we go with our gut.

As scientists break open the mind's black box with the latest tools of neuroscience, they're discovering that this is not how the mind works. Our best decisions are a finely tuned blend of both feeling and reason and the precise mix depends on the situation.

When buying a house, for example, it's best to let our unconscious mull over the many variables. But when we're picking stock, intuition often leads us astray.

Edi speaks with scientists and experts to arm us with the tools we need, drawing on cutting-edge research, as well as the real-world experiences of a wide range of 'deciders' from airplane pilots to surgeons and poker players.