20110408by ER Braithwaite. London's East End 1960. Twins Jack and Dave Bennett are a happy-go-lucky, rootless pair of Teddy boys. If they do occasionally rough-up a black guy it's just a game to them. Until a victim in Whitechapel fights back and Dave pulls a knife. From the writer of To Sir With Love.

Jack....Harry Hepple

Dave....Luke Norris

Michelle....Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Mum....Ellie Haddington

Dad....David Hargreaves

Ruth....Annabelle Dowler

Mr Spencer....Alex Lanipekun

Officer....Stephen Hogan

Dramatised by Roy Williams

Director Claire Grove.

By ER Braithwaite. London 1960: Teddy boys pull a knife but this victim fights back.