Chopin In Manchester



Chopin in Manchester by Jim Poyser

Chopin's agent gets him a gig in England to escape the revolting peasants in Paris. Except it isn't London, it's Manchester. And to top it all, his host is a porky philistine and his hostess has the hots for Polish pianists. A rollicking romp of what happens when a cosmopolitan artiste meets the industrial revolution.

Director/Producer Gary Brown

Based on a true event, Jim Poyser has created a zany comedy about how Chopin might have reacted to industrial Manchester and its citizens. Jim Poyser is a well known comedy writer and TV producer. He has written countless comedies for Radio 4 including co-writing 'Everyone Quite Likes Justin' and has recently produced the Sue Perkins vehicle 'Heading Out' currently running on BBC 2.

Chopin is played by Neil Stuke, best known for his starring roles in 'Game on' and 'Silk'.