Choral Evening Prayer



From Buckfast Abbey, Devon during the 2007 Exon Singers Festival.

Introit: Beati quorum via (Howard Skempton)

Responses: Plainsong

Office Hymn: Creator of the earth and sky (Deus creator)

Psalms: 141, 142, 143 (Plainsong)

First Lesson: Galatians 3 vv26-29; 4 vv6-7

Anthem: And I saw a new heaven (Bainton)

Second Lesson: Luke 4 vv16-21

Homily: The Venerable Nicola Sullivan

Magnificat: The Edinburgh Service (Howard Skempton)

The Lord's Prayer: Leighton

Motet: Ave Virgo sanctissima (Howard Skempton)

Final Hymn: O for a thousand tongues to sing (Richmond)

Organ Voluntary: Toccata and Fugue (Hommage a Buxtehude) (Petr Eben)

Director of Music: Matthew Owens

Organist: Jeffrey Makinson.


From the Church of Sao Lourenco, Oporto, Portugal, with the Choir of The Queen's College, Oxford.

Introit: Audivi vocem de caelo (Duarte Lobo)

Office Hymn: Sanctorum meritis (Pedro de Cristo)

Psalms: 110, 112, 113 (Pedro de Cristo, Antonio de Cabezon)

First Reading: Ephesians 2, vv19-22

Motet: Non est inventus (Manuel Leitao de Aviles)

Second Reading: John 15, vv17-27

Homily: Daniel Inman

Magnificat: Pedro de Cristo

Motets: Sitivit anima mea (Manuel Cardoso)

Director of music: Owen Rees

Organ scholars: Tom Wilkinson, Charlotte Phillips.


From St Gertrude's Church, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands with the Royal School of Church Music Millennium Youth Choir.

Introit: Venite exultemus Domino (Sweelinck)

Lucenarium: The song of God among us (Huijbers)

Psalms: 141, 105 vv1-15 (Ogden, Vaughan Williams)

Domine, Deus, meus (Sweelinck)

First Lesson: Exodus 3 vv7-12

Organ: Psalm 140 (Sweelinck)

Second Lesson: Luke 21 vv21, 34-36

Magnificat (Sweelinck)

Responsary: Qui vult venire post me (Sweelinck)

Anthem: Valiant for truth (Vaughan Williams)

Hymn: Who would true valour see (Monk's Gate)

Organ Voluntary: Basso ostinato (Dick Koomans)

Organist: Daniel Moult

Director of Music: David Ogden