Christmas Of Many Country Colours



What better way to welcome Christmas in, than to transport you to the Smoky Mountains, for a traditional country Christmas? In the company of Country royalty Dolly Parton and her sister Stella (plus various other members of the Parton clan) Baylen Leonard explores childhood memories, including a very special present of a wedding ring hidden on the tree, but who was it for? Stella teaches us how to make chocolate gravy, with a little twist. We'll have a Christmas sing-a-long, lavish parades, a spectacular "Dixie Stampede" which will include a live Nativity Scene. The Appalachian Mountains will be alive with festive fervour. The whole area will light up like a brilliant bauble, and they do take their holiday season seriously; there is even a snow machine at hand in case nature doesn't provide the picture postcard. As Dolly said: "The Joy I feel during the Christmas season makes my heart sing because of the love and sweet Christmas memories I have of family and friends from my childhood". So pull up a chair close to the fire and for the next two hours enjoy a Christmas of Many Country Colours.