Christmas Service - A Draught In The Stable


20201225The Revd Richard Carter and the Revd Catherine Duce lead a socially distanced retelling of the Christmas story starting with a donkey in Hackney City Farm’s most draughty stable. As mandated, angels appear at the Annunciation, shepherds “in-the-fields” and Joseph does finally agree to let everybody in, all in agreement with latest Church of England guidance! With St Martin’s Voices directed by Gabriella Noble and St Martin’s Brass. With organist Ben Giddens. Sermon: The Vicar, the Revd Dr Sam Wells.

Recorded in St Martin-in-the-Fields, Hackney City Farm and on location around Trafalgar Square.

Producer: Andrew Earis.

The Rev Richard Carter and the Rev Catherine Duce retell the Christmas story.