Chukwudebelu - Preserved Of God



By Ben Okafor and Justin Butcher.

A dramatisation of Ben Okafor's experiences as child soldier and refugee during the Biafran War of Independence.

Nigerian singer-songwriter Benedict Chukwudebelu Okafor was just 12 when, in 1967, after continual and ferocious persecution, his Igbo tribal homeland in eastern Nigeria seceded from the rest of the country.

The fledgling republic was given the name Biafra - Land of the Rising Sun, a name full of hope and promise.

However, no sooner had this new state been established than it was invaded by the powerful forces of the Nigerian Army.

For the next three years, Ben and his family were forced to become refugees, with Ben soon taking his place in the army beside other boys, desperate to stand up and be counted in the fight for freedom.

Narrator....Ben Okafor

Benedict Snr....Charles Abomeli

Chude....Seun Sote

Boy Soldier/Voice of Ojukwu/Uncle Albert....Nick Oshikanlu

Sally/Woman in Church....Ola Rhodes

Amaka/Young prostitute....Indy Okonkwo

Directed by Richard Shannon.