Churchill - A Study In Failure 1900-1939


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For those who lived through the Second World War, the triumphant climax of Sir Winston Churchill's long and complex political career has tended to obscure the setbacks he faced in the years before 1940. Now a new generation of 20th-century historians is beginning the process of re-assessment.

DONALD MCLACHLAN discusses the controversial new study of Churchill's early career which is published today, and the questions it raises, with the author, ROBERT RHODES JAMES , former Fellow of All Souls, and biographer of Lord Randolph Churchill and Lord Rosebery. and two other contemporary historians. MARTIN GIL BERT, Fellow of Merton College. Oxford, who at the moment is working on the First World War volume of the biography of Churchill, and CAMERON HAZLEHURST. Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford, who is writing a biography of Lloyd George. Produced by ANNE DUNCAN-JONES


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Produced By: Anne Duncan-Jones