City Deep, Mountain High


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Radio 1 Goes Outward Bound What scares you more - abseiling down a 100ft cliff or looking after a ward of highly-disturbed mental patients?

Tomorrow Simon Mayo and his wife Hilary join two groups of young people on an adventure that could be the challenge of a lifetime.

There's no competition - but every day throughout the week Radio 1 has reports to find out whether Simon, Hilary and their teams can cope with the challenges set by Outward

Bound. Tonight, Hilary joins her team in Aberdovey, while Simon's off to the City

Challenge of the West Midlands. Before their week's separation Simon and Hilary meet their teams and reflect on what they've let themselves in for! Researcher ANDREA GRAHAME



Genome: [r1 Bd=19870816]

Unknown: Simon Mayo

Unknown: Andrea Grahame

Unknown: Bill Morris

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For the last six days Simon and Hilary Mayo and two teams of young people have faced the challenge of a lifetime.

Hilary's gang has been soaked in rivers, swung from ropes and scared stiff by a night alone in the forest, while Simon's bunch has faced up to some special challenges of city life.

There are no prizes but at the end of the week. Simon and Hilary get together again to look back at their week's adventures. Researcher ANDREA GRAHAME Producers BILL MORRIS and SUKEY FIRTH

If you like to find out more about the Outward Bound courses that Hilary and Simon have been on, write to: Outward Bound Trust,

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Genome: [r1 Bd=19870823]

Unknown: Hilary Mayo

Unknown: Andrea Grahame

Producers: Bill Morris