Classic Chandler, Poodle Springs


SP08 LAST20111022

By Raymond Chandler and Robert B. Parker

Dramatised by Robin Brooks

Fresh from his honeymoon with heiress Linda Loring, Philip Marlowe has set up shop in the upmarket Californian town of Poodle Springs. But the life of a kept man soon loses its charm, and when he's asked to find a gambler on the run from his debts, Marlowe can't resist. Toby Stephens plays iconic detective Philip Marlowe.

The eighth and final Philip Marlowe novel, Raymond Chandler's Poodle Springs was unfinished at the time of the author's death in 1959. It remained so for another 30 years, until crime writer Robert B. Parker completed the novel to mark the centenary of Chandler's birth.


Philip Marlowe....Toby Stephens

Linda Marlowe....Lorelei King

Larry Victor....Stephen Campbell Moore

Muffy Valentine....Laurel Lefkow

Manny Lipshultz....Peter Polycarpou

Angel Victor....Sasha Pick

Bernie Ohls....Gerard McDermott

Film Director....James Lailey

Eddie Garcia....Alun Raglan

Clayton Blackstone....Sean Baker

Leonard....Carl Prekopp

Turn Key....Simon Bubb

Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko.

Produced by Claire Grove.

The life of a kept man soon loses its charm for newly-married Marlowe.