Classic Chandler, The High Window


SP0620111008By Raymond Chandler

Dramatised by Robin Brooks

When rare gold coin is stolen from her collection, Mrs Murdoch hires private eye Philip Marlowe to find it. The tough matriarch is convinced about the identity of the thief, but Marlowe's own enquiries lead him elsewhere. He's soon caught in the crossfire of a family at war with itself.


Philip Marlowe....Toby Stephens

Mrs Murdoch....Judy Parfitt

Merle Davis....Jessica Raine

Leslie Murdoch....Patrick Kennedy

Detective Breeze....Joe Montana

Alex Nash....Stuart Milligan

Linda Conquest....Susie Riddell

Elisha Morningstar....Peter Polycarpou

Apartment Manager....Gerard McDermott

Lou Vannier....Carl Prekopp

Lois Nash....Alex Tregear

George Philips....James Lailey

Mr Shaw....Sean Baker

Delmar Hench....Alun Raglan

John....Simon Bubb

Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko

Produced by Claire Grove

This series brings all the Philip Marlowe novels to Radio 4's Saturday Play. The Big Sleep 1939, Farewell My Lovely 1940, The High Window 1942, The Lady in the Lake 1943, The Little Sister 1949 and The Long Goodbye 1953, and two lesser known novels, Playback 1958 and Poodle Springs, unfinished at the time of his death in 1959.

Toby Stephens is best known for playing megavillain Gustav Graves in the James Bond film Die Another Day (2002) and Edward Fairfax Rochester in the BBC television adaptation of Jane Eyre (2006). In autumn 2010 Toby starred as a detective in Vexed, a three-part comedic television series for BBC Two. He also made his debut at the National Theatre as George Danton in Danton's Death.

Private eye Philip Marlowe is hired to find a stolen rare gold coin.