Clintons, The [Drama]


Heck, Don't Vote For Him2016080620190710 (R4)

by Jonathan Myerson

Three entertaining new dramas imagine key moments in the Clintons’ personal and political lives together, closely based on the published accounts and opinions of those who’ve witnessed their enduring partnership.

1991, and the barely-known Governor of Arkansas is beginning to get some traction in the Democratic Presidential Primaries. Bill Clinton, son of a travelling salesman, wants the nomination to take on incumbent President George H W Bush, popular victor of the First Gulf War.

Then the story of Gennifer Flowers surfaces: she claims she had a twelve-year affair with Bill. It is dragging down his campaign.

But ever since they met at Yale, Bill’s talented wife Hillary has been his most fervent supporter, and on her advice, they come out fighting. In a special interview broadcast straight after the Super Bowl, picking up its audience of one hundred million, she puts both their careers on the line.

‘Heck, Don’t Vote For Him’ explores the beginnings of a complex and fascinating relationship which has helped shape both Clintons’ careers.

Hillary Rodham.... Fenella Woolgar,
Bill Clinton.... Corey Johnson.
Steve Kroft/Dick Morris.... Kerry Shale
Betsey Wright.... Laurel Lefkow,
James Carville.... Jason Barnett,
George Stephanopoulos.... Tom Forrister,
Secretary.... Clare Perkins.

Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting

Entertaining drama imagining key moments in the Clintons' enduring partnership.

Radio 4 drama