Clockwork Orange, A [Drama On 3]


2017100120190707 (R3)

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.

Alex and his vicious gang of 'droogs' revel in horrific violence. They run riot and communicate in 'Nadsat' their own hybridisation of Russian and English slang. When a drug-fuelled night of fun ends in murder, Alex is arrested. He is given a choice: be brainwashed into a good citizen, or face a lifetime in prison.

A dramatisation of the controversial dystopian classic about crime and punishment using an original score composed by author Anthony Burgess with new orchestration by Iain Farrington.

Performed live with the BBC Philharmonic as part of 'Contains Strong Language'. A season of poetry and performance from Hull.

Musical Arranger/Musical Director Iain Farrington.

Producer/Director Gary Brown

New version of Anthony Burgess's dystopian classic, with music, recorded live in Hull.