Closely Observed Trains [Drama]


2015082920200802 (R4)It is 1945. For gauche young apprentice Milos Hrma, life at the sleepy railway station in Bohemia is full of complex preoccupations. There is the burden of dispatching German troop trains; the shocking scandal of Dispatcher Hubicka; and the vexing problem of his sexual performance.

Classic comedy drama from celebrated Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal.

Dramatised by Ian Kershaw

Milos.... John Bradley
Masha/Virginia.... Verity Henry
Hubicka.... Jason Done
Lansky.... Howard Chadwick
Mother/Viktoria.... Fiona Clarke
Slusny/Father.... Jonathan Keeble
Zednicek.... Hamilton Berstock

Closely Observed Trains, which became the award-winning Jiri Menzel film of the 'Prague Spring', is a classic of post-war literature, a small masterpiece of humour, humanity and heroism.

Director: Gary Brown

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2015.

Drama from BBC Radio 4