Julie Wilkinson's five-part love story is set amid the upheavals which have rocked the mining communities of Nottinghamshire over the past fourteen years.


01Friend Or Foe199802121984.

In the small pit village of Teversby, Graham and Bogey's friendship is put under pressure when the miners' strike begins.

  • chris gascoyne
  • director - Martin Jameson
  • duncan barton
  • sara poyzer
  • tim smith
  • wayne foskett

  • 02Futures199802191984.

    The miners' strike is three months old, and Graham and Bogey are struggling to keep their friendship alive.

    03Betrayal19980226October 1992.

    Graham comes home from university for Lisa's 21st birthday.

    But the mining community of Teversby is about to suffer a huge shock.

    04The Last Laugh199803051992.

    Graham has asked Lisa to marry him, but she has not told him about her growing affection for Bogey.

    Dave Bold resorts to desperate tactics to fight the pit closures.

    05 LASTScraping The Barrel19980312It is 1997.

    With the pit closed, the people of Teversby are struggling to survive, and Lisa and Bogey's relationship is on the brink of collapse.

    But new opportunities are on the horizon.