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Like many young black people, Lucrece Grehoua is an expert in code-switching - used to changing her voice, accent and mannerisms when she enters white-majority spaces. But should she really have to? In this programme, Lucrece reveals the cost of hiding who we really are in the workplace and explores the mechanics of code-switching, a term first used to describe the experience of African-American students in the 1970s. She shares her own story of being taught to become “a palatable black girl with a soft voice and an unceasing smile”. And she talks to other young professionals about the steps they’ve taken to fit in – from switching to a “white voice” in the office to changing how they dress, what they talk about and how they style their hair. We also hear from those who, tired of code-switching, are daring to be themselves in the corporate world.

Lucrece Grehoua reveals the cost of hiding who we really are in the workplace.