Genome: [r4 Bd=19960624]

AstOT A three-part series featuring Michael McStay 's popular detectives, with Stephen Thorne as Inspector Coleman and Joe Dunlop as Sergeant Astor. 2: A Day at the Races Sergeant Astor falls amongst thieves. with John Hartley. McCartney Brown. Breffni McKenna. Gareth Armstrong. David Jarvis. David Sinclair. James Taylor and Don McCorkindale. Music by Stephen Warbeck Director Ned Chaillet Rpt

Genome: [r4 Bd=19960624]

Unknown: Michael McStay

Unknown: Stephen Thorne

Unknown: Inspector Coleman

Unknown: Joe Dunlop

Unknown: John Hartley.

Unknown: McCartney Brown.

Unknown: Breffni McKenna.

Unknown: Gareth Armstrong.

Unknown: David Jarvis.

Unknown: David Sinclair.

Unknown: James Taylor

Unknown: Don McCorkindale.

Music By: Stephen Warbeck

Director: Ned Chaillet Rpt

Margaret: Diana Bishop

Superintendent Beauchamp: Frances Jeater

PC Trench: Nicholas Boulton

Jamie Bell: Larry Dann