Colin Bell Invites

Each of the performing arts is capable of appealing to our emotions, whether it be an evening at the ballet, a great concert or a theatrical performance.

On that basis, Colin Bell and guests muse on the different emotional appeals of the arts.


01What Art Form Best Expresses Emotion?19980824
02Performers And Places19980825Colin Bell asks whether the venue really matters.

Is the Royal Lyceum any better than the village hall?

03The Art Of Translation For The Theatre19980826Prevailing wisdom claims there is no market for foreign language theatre in Britain, but a glance at the Edinburgh Festival's programme tells a different story.

Although the language may be unfamiliar, gesture and expression make it clear exactly what is being said and offer a challenge to the audience.

Colin Bell talks to directors, translators and actors about their approach to and experiences of foreign language theatre.

04Has The Muse Had Its Day?19980828It may be difficult to conjure up an image of Irvine Welsh or Harrison Birtwistle being inspired by a mythical Greek lady wrapped in gauze drapes, but the notion was in common currency for thousands of years.

And even in more recent times, artists have occasionally cited real-life individuals as the source of their inspiration.

Colin Bell invites artists, performers and choreographers to talk about where they find their inspiration.

05Is There A New Brutality In Women's Writing?19980829Each generation of writers wants to shock, and that gets harder and harder to achieve.

Colin Bell asks if there is a new brutality in women's writing.

Is this the way to gain notoriety and success, or is there a darker reason for young women wanting to confront difficult subjects in ways that are deliberately in your face?