Colin Jackson - 25 Years A World Champion


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25 years ago Colin Jackson set a world record in the 110 metres hurdles. This is his story

25 years ago, on 20th August 1993, Colin Jackson set a world record for the 110m hurdles at the World Championships in Stuttgart. This is Colin's story - his journey to Stuttgart and the personal hurdles he cleared to become one of Britain's most decorated athletes of all time.

But it wasn't always plain sailing and record making. In this programme we hear how failure in the Barcelona Olympics meant that Colin was under pressure at Stuttgart. He'd need to prove himself at the World Championships. But prove himself he did!

Told through his own words and in his own inimitable style this is the story of how a young athlete went from local club to record-setting world champion - a world record that he held for 13 years. This warm, personal and exclusive documentary includes interviews with his coach Malcolm Arnold, Nigel Walker and his parents.