Colin Murray Live From Lapland [5 Live]


Christmas Day20121225

Live from Lapland, Colin Murray meets families celebrating Finnish-style.

Every year families from all over Europe head to Lapland to give their children an unforgettable Christmas experience. So much so, it's big business in Finland from the sleigh rides through to the giant 'Santa Village', which sits at the heart of the city of Rovaniemi.

On Christmas Day, Colin broadcasts live from inside the Santa Claus Village where he meets up with some of the families who are out there to hear their personal stories about Christmas in Lapland.

There are also many ex-pats living in Rovaniemi, having come out here to work in the 'Christmas Industry'. Colin chats to them about life in the Arctic Circle, how they bring their children up here, and what they miss about home at this festive time. He also links to other 5 live listeners

around the world who may be apart from their families or homes this Christmas.

Colin will also settle down for his traditional Finnish Christmas dinner of ham, herring and beetroot as listeners at home begin their own turkey and stuffing. Some special guests and friends of 5 live join him 'virtually' round the table, as they share their Christmas experiences from home.

Christmas Eve20121224

Nowhere in the world do football and Christmas have such a close bond than Rovaniemi, the 'home' of Father Christmas and also his football team, 'FC Santa Claus.' In this show Colin Murray

marries the two together in a special programme live from Lapland.

Because Lapland is the home of Santa Claus, he usually visits there early in the evening on Christmas Eve to give himself time to get round the rest of the world. So Christmas Eve in Rovaniemi, rather than Christmas Day, is full of traditions from taking hot saunas with friends, preparing the Pork, Herring and Cod for dinner to dressing up as Joulupukki (Santa Claus) as well as delivering presents to local children.

Colin takes part in some of these activities and gives you the chance to send your last-minute Christmas and footballing wishes direct to Santa, as he delivers them to the Elves in Santa's Post Office.

Live from the Santa Claus Hotel, in the centre on Rovaniemi town, Colin also looks ahead to the festive football fixtures with 5 live's regular pundits and members of the 'FC Santa Claus' football team. And this isn't a pub team, or a joke. This is a team playing in the equivalent of England's League 2, turning out in all weather conditions, with a Brazilian striker to add some South American footballing flair.

At the end of the programme we count down the minutes until Christmas arrives in Lapland (it's midnight at the end of the programme there). We also hear from UK tourists about their alternative Christmas experience and what they've asked Santa for this year.