Genome: [r4 Bd=19701109]A new play for radio by IAN RODGER with David March , Simon Lack and Hannah Gordon

This play was specially commissioned to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower at Provincetown. Massachusetts, on 21 November 1620.

Produced by JOHN TYDEMAN


Unknown: Ian Rodger

Unknown: David March

Unknown: Simon Lack

Unknown: Hannah Gordon

Produced By: John Tydeman

Smithy: Ronald Forfar

Resolved White: David Howe

Captain Jones: Kerry Francis

Susannah White: Hannah Gordon

William White: Malcolm Hayes

Edward Winslow: Simon Lack

Miles Standish: David March

Mr Carver: Godfrey Kenton

John: Peter Duncan

Samuel: Rufus Frampton

Sally: Lynette McMorrough

Sailor: Nigel Lambert

Mr Bradford: James Thomason

Mate: Patrick Tull

Johnny: Sean Barrett

Billy: Patrick Tull