Colours Of The World

Stories From The Belfast Festival.



By Peter Sheridan.

Young Nuala is teased about her freckles until her father comes up with an ingenious plan.

AR02Alice Through The Bathroom Mirror20031104

By Martina Devlin Motherhood isn't high on Alice's list of priorities but her husband, Leo, a man sensitive about his biological clock ticking is determined to father a child of his own.


by Colin Carberry A Belfast man is forced to face up to his past when his wife hires a psychic medium for a friend's party.

AR04Missing Pink20031106

By Lana Citron.

A touching story of a grand-daughter's relationship with her grandmother.

AR05 LASTThe Cast20031107

By Ronan Bennett A novelist with a reputation for writing very serious books is invited to review a chic new restaurant for a Sunday newspaper, with disastrous results.