Come Back Little Sheba


Genome: [r4 Bd=19690203]

by William Inge adapted by GERRY JONES with Mavis Villiers and Robert Beatty

' You should have seen Doc before he gave it up. He lost all his patients, just wanted to stay drunk all day long and he'd come home at night and... You just wouldn'believe it, if you saw him now.5

Produced by RONALD MASON

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19690203]

Unknown: William Inge

Adapted By: Gerry Jones

Unknown: Mavis Villiers

Unknown: Robert Beatty

Produced By: Ronald Mason

DOC: Robert Beatty

Marie: Maureen Beck

Lola: Mavis Villiers

Turk: Karl Helo

Postman: Peter Pratt

Mrs Coffman: Hilda Kriseman

Milkman: Louis Negin

Bruce: Peter Baldwin

Ed Anderson: Ian Dewar

Elmo Huston: Wilfrid Carter