Comedian Gareth Gwynn Pushes For A Referendum On Brecon Independence [Radio Wales]


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Comedy writer Gareth Gwynn wants to persuade Brecon - where he lived when he was a teenager - to declare independence. Not just from the UK. But from Wales itself.

In part one of his quest, Gareth explored whether Brecon could, “on paper”, meet the definition of an independent state, according to international law. Now, in part two, he’s taking things to the next level. In order to turn his dreams of Brecon Independence into a reality, he’s got to go hell-for-leather and call a referendum.

Armed with advice from expert political scientists, election strategists, and other independence campaigners, in this episode Gareth explores how referenda have been won and lost in the past, and what this means for him in Brecon. He investigates how to sell the economic and emotional arguments for Brecon Independence to the electorate, considers the advantages of hiring a campaign bus, and finally, takes to the streets to win hearts and minds.

As end of the programme draws near, and the people of Brecon weigh up their options, Gareth’s left wondering: is he about to secure a ‘yes’ majority for Brecon Independence? And if so… what happens next?

Comedian Gareth Gwynn pushes for a referendum on Brecon Independence