Comedians' Comedians


Billy Connolly20040819 (BBC7)
20040819 BT=2230 (BBC7)
20040820 (BBC7)

Angus Deayton introduces a host of funny folk praising the talent of the Big Yin.

French And Saunders20040916 (BBC7)
20040916 BT=2230 (BBC7)
20040917 (BBC7)

Angus Deayton presents an appreciation of the comic chameleons, French and Saunders.

Kenneth Williams20040909 (BBC7)
20040909 BT=2230 (BBC7)
20040910 (BBC7)

Angus Deayton discovers why funny folk laugh at the Carry On king of comedy.

Peter Cook20040902 (BBC7)
20040902 BT=2230 (BBC7)
20040903 (BBC7)

Angus Deayton hears why a host of funny folk praise their goliath amongst gagsters.

Woody Allen20040826 (BBC7)
20040826 BT=2230 (BBC7)
20040827 (BBC7)

Angus Deayton introduces a host of funny folk paying tribute to the Sultan of stand-up.