The Comediennes

A look at ladies who make us laugh.


01Irene Handl1995011920040606 (BBC7)
20040607 (BBC7)
20050424 (BBC7)
20050425 (BBC7)
20060918 (BBC7)
20070520 (BBC7)
20070521 (BBC7)
20080629 (BBC7)
20080630 (BBC7)
Irene Handl takes centre stage with a wealth of archive material featuring Harry Worth, Arthur Askey, Peter Sellers and Ian Carmichael.

From chars to landladies, a clip-packed celebration of the comedy characters of the much-loved film and TV actress.

02Hattie Jacques1995012620040613 (BBC7)
20040614 (BBC7)
20050522 (BBC7)
20050523 (BBC7)
20050529 (BBC7)
20050530 (BBC7)
20060925 (BBC7)
20070527 (BBC7)
20070528 (BBC7)
20080706 (BBC7)
20080707 (BBC7)
Hattie Jacques talks frankly about her career and reveals what it was like working with Tony Hancock.

A clip-packed celebration of the career of the much-loved comedy actress, featuring her memories of Tony Hancock.

03Beryl Reid1995020220040613 (BBC7)
20061023 (BBC7)
20070624 (BBC7)
20070625 (BBC7)
20080713 (BBC7)
20080714 (BBC7)
From Monica to Marlene and more.

A clip-packed celebration of the much-loved comedy actress' career.

04Betty Marsden1995020920040620 (BBC7)
20040621 (BBC7)
20050605 (BBC7)
20050606 (BBC7)
20061009 (BBC7)
20070610 (BBC7)
20070611 (BBC7)
20080720 (BBC7)
20080721 (BBC7)
A celebration of the work of Betty Marsden.

Also featuring Kenneth Horne, Ronnie Barker and Hugh Paddick.

The actress who shot to fame in Beyond Our Ken and Round The Horne, recalls her life and times in theatre, radio and television.

05June Whitfield1995021620040627 (BBC7)
20040628 (BBC7)
20050612 (BBC7)
20050613 (BBC7)
20061016 (BBC7)
20070617 (BBC7)
20070618 (BBC7)
20080727 (BBC7)
20080728 (BBC7)
The life and times of the talented actress, who's partnered almost every major British comedian.
06Joyce Grenfell1995022320040704 (BBC7)
20040705 (BBC7)
20050619 (BBC7)
20050620 (BBC7)
20061002 (BBC7)
20070603 (BBC7)
20070604 (BBC7)
20080803 (BBC7)
20080804 (BBC7)
The 'jolly hockeysticks' lady recalls her unique talents and memories of a time gone by, including that song with Norman Wisdom!

The matriarch of the comic monologue recalls her career as a performer and writer.

07Margeret Rutherford19950302