Comets, The [Drama]



There are stories that are only meant to get you through the next few hours, and there are stories that are meant to last for your whole life.

Eleven year old Kirstie loves listening to the stories told to her by her mother, June. Kirstie's favourite is the story about an old and fragile pair of wings hidden in a box on a secret shelf. It's a story, her mum tells her, that is meant to last her whole life.

June has a terminal illness and as it reaches its final stages she brings Kirstie back to the town where she was born. There Kirstie meets Hagan, a solitary man who cares for scores of birds in his windswept house high on the cliff edge and Eddie, June's opportunistic ex-boyfriend who has tracked them down and offers to help care for June and Kirstie.

But not long after June dies Kirstie goes missing. What has happened to her and how might Hagan and Eddie be involved in her disappearance?

A fable of family secrets and the mysterious power of stories from acclaimed novelist and dramatist Eoin McNamee.

Writer - Eoin McNamee

Producer - Heather Larmour.