Comic Relief Controller


200501Nick Hancock2005030520050306

Nick Hancock hosts a special Comic Relief Controller featuring your first three radio favourites.

200502 LASTNick Hancock2005030620050307

Part two of Nick Hancock's Special Comic Relief Controller - and the final three radio comedies as picked by you!.

2007Milton Jones2007031020070311

To mark Comic Relief's Red Nose Day, Milton Jones takes the pith, puts it on his head And plunders BBC7's radio comedy archive just like his uncle Indiana did in those movies.

Milton's extensive research uncovers:

Yes Minister 'Big Brother' (25/10/1983)
Hamish and Dougal: You'll Have Had Your Tea 'The Musical Evening' (24/12/2002)
Hamish and Dougal: You'll Have Had Your Tea 'The Shooting Party' (02/01/2003)
Radio Active (15/09/1981)
The Mark Steel Lecture 'Thomas Paine' (30/09/1999)
On the Hour (07/05/1992)
The Flight of the Conchords (06/10/2005).